Novels, Anthologies, and Other Stand-alone Works

The books are grouped by series. Each series is presented in the order I recommend. Clicking on the book covers or the titles will take you to a page with more information.

Clockwork Legion Series

Owl Dance

A healer from Persia and a former sheriff are on the run from bounty hunters when a creature from the stars encourages the Russian Empire to invade the United States in 1876.

Genres: Steampunk, Weird Western

Lightning Wolves

An inventor exiled from Mexico hunts ghosts while the U.S. Army seeks any means necessary to break the Russians' hold on America's west coast.

Genres: Steampunk, Weird Western

The Brazen Shark

A ship captain takes two dear friends on a special honeymoon getaway, only to have it interrupted by samurai air pirates attempting to overthrow the Japanese emperor.

Genres: Steampunk, Alternate History

Owl Riders

Apaches have captured a large swath of Southern Arizona and Ramon must negotiate peace. Meanwhile, Fatemeh's one-time fiancée kidnaps her to face punishment in Persia.

Genres: Steampunk, Weird Western

Wilderness of the Dead

The Astronomer's Crypt

Astronomers, ghosts, drug dealers, and a monster from the beginning of time collide at a remote observatory during a violent thunderstorm.

Genres: Horror, thriller, suspense

Scarlet Order Vampires

Dragon's Fall: Rise of the Scarlet Order Vampires

Three vampires—a warrior, a thief, and an assassin—adapt to their life of darkness by forming a team of mercenaries that fight for the crowned heads of Europe.

Genres: Paranormal romance, horror, historical

Vampires of the Scarlet Order

Governments tamper with powers they don't understand to create a new breed of super soldiers. Only the Scarlet Order vampire mercenaries stand in their way.

Genres: Paranormal romance, horror

Prequel to the Space Pirates' Legacy Series

The Solar Sea

A new energy source is discovered around Saturn. The Quinn Corporation builds a solar sail to investigate. Along the way, they discover humans may not be alone in the solar system.

Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera

The Space Pirates' Legacy Series

Firebrandt's Legacy

Space pirate Ellison Firebrandt is already a force to be reckoned with when he discovers a remarkable new drive system and meets a woman who can help it reach its full potential.

Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera

The Pirates of Sufiro

Space pirate Ellison Firebrandt is exiled to a distant world. Soon other settlers arrive and the planet becomes the focal point of a galactic conflict.

Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera

Children of the Old Stars

A disgraced starship captain, an alien warrior, and a cult leader go on a quest to learn about a mysterious space vessel that destroys everything in its path.

Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera

Heirs of the New Earth

Captain John Mark Ellis must race against time to free the Earth from invasion and stop aliens from altering the structure of the galaxy itself.

Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera

Shorter Works and Collections

Breaking the Code

When Marine recruiters arrive in Gallup, New Mexico to recruit young men for a secret program, there is vocal opposition and a skinwalker appears.

Genres: Cryptid, Alternate History

Revolution of Air and Rust

While fighting against forces from the United States which have invaded Mexico, Pancho Villa falls into a parallel universe where he finds a new weapon.

Genres: Steampunk, Alternate History

The Slayers

Rado joins the airship Slayer to see the world and hunt dragons in this short story inspired by Moby-Dick.

Genre: Fantasy

Tales of the Scarlet Order Vampires

Comic book series featuring short stories about the Scarlet Order vampires at various points in history.

Genres: Horror, paranormal, historical

Blood Sampler

A collection of vampire flash fiction and short stories by David Lee Summers and Lee Clark Zumpe, illustrated by Marge Simon.

Genre: Paranormal romance


Maximum Velocity: The Best of the Full-Throttle Space Tales

Eighteen stories of epic space action featuring pirates, strong women, the military, monsters, vagabonds, and battles by such authors as Mike Resnick, Irene Radford, and Dayton Ward.

Genres: Science Fiction, Adventure

A Kepler's Dozen

Thirteen stories about planets discovered by NASA's Kepler space probe by such authors as Mike Brotherton, J Alan Erwine, Rick Novy, and Laura Givens.

Genre: Science Fiction

Kepler's Cowboys

Fourteen stories and five poems about planets discovered by NASA's Kepler space probe by such authors as Patrick Thomas, L.J. Bonham, Jaleta Clegg, and Anthony R. Cardno.

Genre: Science Fiction

Audio Books

Culhwch and Olwen

King Arthur and his knights go on a quest for grooming supplies in sixth century Britain.

Genres: Fantasy, Folktales