Heirs of the New Earth

The Earth has gone silent. John Mark Ellis and the crew of the Sanson are sent to investigate. When they arrive, they find vast alien machines known as Clusters in orbit. Fearing the worst, they land and discover that the once overcrowded, polluted Earth has become a paradise of sorts. The problem is over half the population is dead or missing and the planet's leaders don't seem to care. As Ellis works to unravel the mystery, sudden gravitational shifts from the galaxy's center indicate something even worse is in the offing. Can Ellis save the galaxy from the heirs of the new Earth?

"A warning to every reader…block off a good chunk of time, pour your favorite beverage and sit down in your favorite comfort space. Once you start reading, the story jumps out and grabs hold, drawing you into a world one thousand years in the future where mankind has spread across the universe, contacted other intelligent life and colonized new worlds." Greg Ballan, author of Hybrid: Forced Vengeance

"In Heirs of the New Earth, David Lee Summers has come up with a creative vision of the future." S. Derrickson Moore, Las Cruces Sun-News

"This is a well-crafted and thoughtful piece of science fiction. Highly recommended." Mark Anthony Brennan, Author, Editor, and Publisher.

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