Maximum Velocity: The Best of the Full-Throttle Space Tales

The Full-Throttle Space Tales series collected action-packed, high octane, science fiction stories across the full potential of the genre. Here, the original editors have teamed up to pick the very best of Full-Throttle Space Tales, eighteen stories collected here for the first time.

Stories by David Boop, C.J. Henderson, W.A. Hoffman, Julia Phillips, David Lee Summers, Carol Hightshoe, Irene Radford, Bob Brown, Scott Pearson, Alan L. Lickiss, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Dayton Ward, Anna Paradox, Ivan Ewert, Erik Scott de Bie, Shannon Page, Mark Ferrari, Gene Mederos, Jean Johnson, Mike Resnick, and Brad R. Torgersen

Buckle your seatbelts, because we’re going to accelerate to Maximum Velocity!

The original Full-Throttle Space Tales anthologies were Space Pirates edited by David Lee Summers, Space Sirens edited by Carol Hightshoe, Space Grunts edited by Dayton Ward, Space Horrors edited by David Lee Summers, Space Tramps edited by Jennifer Brozek, and Space Battles edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt.

"Those glorious golden age sci-fi pulp magazines have now been reincarnated." Midwest Book Review, review of Space Pirates

"Reading this book has reminded me of all the reasons I love Sci-Fi." Pauline Creeden, author of The Prodigal Life, review of Space Battles

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