Ordeal of the Scarlet Order Vampires

The Scarlet Order vampires are on the run.

Rudolfo de Cordoba has led most of the Scarlet Order vampires to a new home in Colorado where they can regroup and unlock new vampire powers.

Alexandra and Drake have gone to New Orleans to continue their quest for lost Biblical writings when they learn the government's project to create super soldiers from vampires continues.

Marcella and Roquelaure have traveled to the South of France to avoid trouble only to stumble upon a terrorist plot and an even more frightening means of quashing extremism.

Meanwhile, Special Agent John Lassiter is on the trail of the Scarlet Order vampires. Will the vampires unlock their new gifts and save humanity from itself before Agent Lassiter catches up and ends the vampires' immortal existence? The only thing certain is that they'll learn truths about themselves and the universe we live in—and those truths will not leave them unscathed.

"A clever book that amused and enthralled me." Lyn McConchie, author of The Questing Road

"The Scarlet Order is a unique series, and if you love vampires, science fiction and scientific exploration, this is right up your alley." Terrie Leigh Relf, Editor Hungur Magazine

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